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Do Now: review imperatives with "Improve your imperatives" worksheet (just #1-4, pick correct imperative and translate)
follow up with white board work on creating imperatives with cogitare, fluere, and conficere
venatio 1: kids translate with a partner, but no one writes anything down
We review story together. Some language items to mention and check: lack of expressed subject in many of the sentences (lines 1-2, e.g.), iter facimus (acc. neuter noun that doesn't look very accusative)... this also is representative of many verbs which are 1st and 2nd person and also need checking.  Also eī (lines 10, 14), ubi as "when" instead of "where" (lines 10, 16), dative with compounds (10, 13), securi as the substantive adjective modifying unexpressed subject of contendimus (line 14), omnia ("everything" in line 20), and quas postulavisti (21)
About the language 3: vocative case - on tablets, watch tutorial video, then take quiz once
follow up with most missed ideas (certainly the 3rd declension), reteach, retry quiz.


Tuesday (Ne/Kr only)
PBS's Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Bath

Do Now: review of venatio 1 with comprehension Buzz quiz
translate venatio 2
review vocatives and imperatives with "Vocative and imperative snakes" AM worksheet
"hic haec hoc" and "hic and ille" AM worksheets
Buzz quizzes due Friday, 6am, which need to be completed for the purposes of studying for our test: 
venatio 2 comprehension Buzz quiz
PTL 1: hic and ille practice Buzz quiz
All other Buzz quizzes will be unlocked for study as well
Test Story Vocabulary Gimkit here.