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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Practicing the language 2 (imperative practice) - have two attempts
The lowest performing test scores missed many vocative and imperative questions, so concentrate on helping those students when reviewing this exercise.
Otherwise, there are several aspects of PTL 2 which coincide with most missed topics, so be sure to have those in mind when reviewing (dative with special verbs, emittere vocab, dative/genitive)
Pass out tests and answer sheets, allow time to review scores, ask questions
Be sure to hit on each most missed concept and reteach
Take the Stage 19 Extra Credit quiz.  24 questions (percentage converts to 1-10 extra credit points), no time limit, one attempt.
When done (and waiting for everyone to finish), either make flashcards for Stage 20 vocabulary (project vocab checklist on board) or translate the captions in the Stage 20 Model Sentences (or both, if time).
When all are done, look at the Stage 20 model sentences.  What are they doing with Barbillus in the first picture? Carrying him... yes!  Which word means "carry"? portantes... yes! Now, this is a form we've actually seen a couple times, but have not yet learned... translate the caption and see what you can come up with.  
Many/most will translate with "carrying"... point out that there isn't an "and" for it to translate "they returned and they carried"
Show next picture and see if they can make the connection with that caption's PANTS... do it again with the remaining.
Briefly explain that these are present active participles, but I've got a nickname... PANTS.

Do Now: Using this prompt of the first picture in the model sentences, complete a 5-minute timed write. Only two rules: write only in Latin, write for the entire five minutes - go!
Follow up with partnered discussion... explain to each other the circumstance of that picture (1 minute each)
consolidate as a class and introduce remedium astrologi
remedium astrologi - translate first paragraph together (white boards, hit on review items... genitive/dative, verb tenses (pluperfect is back in some numbers in this story))
Watch reenactment video until the astrologer enters in line 16.  Check for understanding with lines 6-16:
- Why did Phormio send the ancillae away? (reinforce PANTS)
- What did he tell the servī to do? Where they successful?
- Why spiderwebs???? What in the heck is going on?
What do you think is going to happen in rest of the story? Let's watch the rest of the video
- The astrologer wants to do what?? Discuss Chaldeans, the blurring lines of science/medicine/astrology
Verb tense review: discuss and assess with "Verb tense practice (with remedium astrologi)" 
Another 5-minute timed write with second picture in this prompt.
Wrap up period with 5-10 minutes of review for vocabulary quiz.

Do Now: clear your desk for the quiz
Stage 20 Vocabulary Quiz
When done with the quiz, reread remedium astrologi and take the "remedium astrologi Reading Comprehension" Buzz quiz
At end of period when all are done, review examples of PANTS from story