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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: with a partner (but without your book!) review remedium astrologi with "remedia vilici astrologique" worksheet (who did what, in what order?)
Watch the "Petro" reenactment video together (try to access EdPuzzle assignment through Buzz)
Translate 1st paragraph (lines 1-6) - spotlight on eius (glossed as "his", line 2), recitans (line 4), et astrologum verberavit et e cubiculo expulit (lines 5-6, implied subject)
"remedium medici" worksheet for lines 7-23
Translate last paragraph (lines 24-29) - spotlight on Petroni (line 24), administrans (line 25), Barbillus mihi soli confidebat (dative w/ compound verb, line 25), cotidie . . . veniebam (line 26, implied subjects), sedens (line 27), cognovi (1st singular subject, line 28)
Take the About the language 1: present (active) participles Buzz quiz

Do Now: About the language 1: present participles (Part 2) on Buzz
review most missed if needed and provide extra practice via activity masters worksheets if needed
fortuna crudelis - reading comprehension question with a partner (Thursday's class will complete these on Buzz)
Watch the tutorial video and complete About the language 2: eum, eam, etc. on Buzz.
With any extra time, complete additional attempts of Buzz quizzes so you don't have any work over the break.

Winter Break