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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Pre-Comp Review
Do Now: watch the tutorial embedded in the directions of "Practicing the language 1: PANTS" for a review, then complete the quiz once. When done, reread cursorily "fortuna crudelis"
Review PANTS and most missed of quiz... practice morphology of PANTS briefly using examples from "Writing your own present participles" AM worksheet (show ATL 1 examples on board as models and briefly explain how each conjugation deals with stem and PANTS ending)
fortuna crudelis review. Review basic plot... who is Plotina, who is Eupor, what happened?
With a partner, take 2 minutes and reread 1st paragraph: write the two most important unfamiliar words (don't use any words already glossed) on white board. Report to class and we review meanings. Do same with 2nd paragraph (3rd if time)
"Rufus Plotinae persuasit" (line 23). Especially considering what you read in lines 1-22, as Rufus, write a letter to your mother and father explaining the situation and persuading them to let you go.  This is about vocabulary, not grammar.
Last 5-10 minutes of class (if possible), look back at mistakes from ATL 1 PANTS (Part 2) (from before break) and Practicing the language 1 (PANTS). Take again with any attempts remaining.

Pre-Comp Review
Do Now: reread what you wrote on Monday/Tuesday, start again, trying to improve what you've already done. 10 minutes. Turn in when done
astrologus victor 1 - translation practice
About the language 2: eum, eam, etc. (really, just learning eius and ei)

Pre-Comp Review
Do Now: astrologus victor 2 worksheet (comp questions and grammar questions modeled on pre-comp)... about 30 minutes
switch papers with a partner and review answers.  M/W class turns worksheet in so that Mr. Yaggy can evaluate problem areas and follow-up on Monday