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SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) ASYNCHRONOUS!
Pre-Comp Review
(1) Complete this Gimkit over the vocabulary of the story amor omnia vincit (scaena 3).
(2) Here is the Pear Deck for the story amor omnia vincit (scaena 3) (joinpd.com with code ylsgzi).
(3) When you're done, consolidate your understanding of the story with the Buzz quiz.
(4) We will discuss common mistakes and difficulties with the review material as well as some last minute studying that you can use to prepare well for your pre-comp.

Tuesday, January 12:
English, Physics and Biology exams 
Wednesday, January 13:
History, Chemistry exams 
Economics exams (grade 8)

Thursday, January 14:
Math, Foreign Language exams 

No Class due to technology complications previously in the week and rescheduled comps