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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: from fons sacer on p. 5, translate rex . . . consuluit (lines 7-8) and architectus . . . aedificatum (lines 14-16) [most missed from Friday's quiz]
review the most missed ideas (mostly the ppp clauses) from Friday's Buzz comprehension quiz. Students have another chance at the quiz if needed on their own time (due 6am W/TH)
Introduce the character of Memor with the picture on p. 6... discuss and heighten interest
Lucius Marcius Memor: comprehension questions on p. 7 w/ partner
Students will completed about 8 questions in 15 minutes or so... stop them and review at that point.
Some students have difficult time w/ interpretive or correlation questions 4 and 7
Continue on with questions 9-12 (either independently or teacher-led)
Practicing the language 3 (subject-verb agreement practice) - 

Do Now: Most Missed from PTL 3: practice verb formation, giving "you love," "you were loving," "you loved," and "you had loved" (do another round with you plural if needed)... then give the PANTS
review what happened in L. M. Memor to introduce senator advenit
senator advenit
vocab Gimkit
senator advenit - translate together
language items worth pointing out: dormientem (checking understanding of PANTS, line 2), cur prohibes me dormire (complementary infinitive doesn't translate literally well, line 4), pares (line 4, takes dative mihi), quam (line 5, here meaning "than" with comparative), aliquid novi (line 6, not glossed), appropinquantem (line 9), vexatus (line 10, new concept), melius est (line 13), num (line 15), ei persuasit (line 17, ei is dative, here with persuadere), fer (line 20), quam (line 21, here "how"), vir summae auctoritatis (lines 21-22, another example of upcoming concept gen. of description)
About the language: perfect passive participles (PPP)
Vocabulary review (if time)

Do Now: clear desk for vocabulary quiz
When done, complete the "quis erat?" worksheet. Fill in the blanks, but do not translate
review results of ATL PPP Buzz quiz
- demonstrate noun and adjective agreement with "Perfect your participles" worksheet (choosing participle with correct number/gender to agree with noun)
- practice translating the perfect passive participle with "sententias scribe" worksheet (make the three craziest sentences you can)