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Do Now: Participles (fill-in-the-blank) Buzz Quiz
Two things we should be able to do very well at this point: (1) Identify a perfect passive participle in a sentence, and (2) translate any perfect passive participle
Use the participles list from "sententias scribe" worksheet... what do all these forms have in common (look like come from a verb but *most* (not all) have -t+case ending... there isn't one hard and fast rule about participle morphology, so this is why we include the PPP as the 4th principal part in vocab list (worst example... fero, ferre, tuli, latus... how in the heck would we know latus is the PPP??... same in English... anyone know what the participle of "swim" is?  swum... few realize this, but there it is)
Now, put ductus, ductum, ducti, ductos, ductae, ducta on the board... they ALL mean the SAME thing ("having been led")... the ending changes based on what word it is describing - that's what the Do Now Buzz quiz is about - be sure you revisit that quiz (not a lot of success on the quiz the first time).
Give most missed examples: "ego video puerum, a puellis amat__ ("having been loved")... what ending do we put there?  The answer is amatum (because the puerum is the one "having been loved")
Now, review where we are in storyline (Memor is freaking out by Salvius' visit).. brief discussion... why is Salvius there?  hopefully students figure out that he has opinions about King Cogidubnus and hopefully someone might conclude that he wants to ensure that Memor does his job to heal Cogidubnus (b/c we'll find that maybe is not the case)
Memor rem suscipit 1 - varied activity:
1) Translate into English w/ a partner [due at end of class]
2) Act out w/ a partner (roles of Memor and Salvius) [perform on Wednesday/Thursday]
3) Write a summary of their conversation in Latin [due at end of class]
"More Participle Practice" Buzz quiz

Do Now: Most missed: (1) saxa, a puellis <having been carried>, sunt gravia. (2) viri, puellas <loving>, sunt laetÄ«. (3) ego video Grumionem, a puella <having been loved>.
review PPP with "particularly participles" worksheet: identify and translate the participle (don't worry about the 3rd column (STMV/TBMV))
Allow groups who are acting out Memor rem suscipit 1 story to perform
Memor rem suscipit 2: read together with white boards... focus on participial clauses (vocatus, petens, vexatus, datum, celatum, delectatus)
watch for infinitive phrases as well (iubeo te, iubet me, potest, necesse est)
"Even More Participle Practice" Buzz quiz

Here is an optional Gimkit quiz focused on the vocabulary that appears in the test story.