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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: Stage 21 Test Extra Credit (one attempt, 10 minutes)
 - when done, read captions 1-3 on p. 22 (model sentences) and try to translate the captions
Stage 22 model sentences - look at together with ppt
Vilbia - do the following with worksheet (Vilbia story activity (character intro))
read lines 1-10 out loud together in Latin...
- what do you imagine Latro looks like? Is there a tv or movie character that comes to mind?
- who is who in the picture? How do we know (lines 9-10)
Read rest of story out loud in Latin again... tell me about Modestus... draw him on white board... how do you know?
Who's Bulbus?
Who do you cast in this movie? Why?

Do Now: Vilbia Comprehension Questions on Buzz
Review a bit, especially based on most missed... be sure to discuss Bulbus (didn't talk about him very much yesterday)
Also, how did Vilbia and Modestus meet? (simulac tabernam nostram intravit, eum statim amavi, lines 23-24)
Now, let's continue with Modestus: stick figure theater worksheet. Can work with a partner or small group to get meaning, but each person works on his/her own
After quick break (12:15 or so), stop and talk about perfect active participles. Show REPLICAS mnemonic device with that file/worksheet and have them write meanings down.
Last 15-20 minutes of class:
(1) finish cartoon and turn in (can turn in Friday if needed)
(2) complete the Modestus comprehension questions Buzz quiz
(2) complete the ATL 1: perfect active participles Buzz quiz
Whatever is not completed should be done for homework.
Study for vocab quiz! amor, iacto, minimus, tutus, verbum, vitare not included on quiz. Remember model sentences are.

Do Now: clear desk
When done, complete "Particularly participles" worksheet (sorting PANTS, PPP, and REPLICAS)
Review morphology and reinforce that PPPs and REPLICAS look the same, so this is why he need to remember the oddball REPLICAS
Focus now on translation: complete "perfect active participles" worksheet (fill in the blank with correct REPLICAS and translate)
With time left, preview amor omnia vincit and remind of test on Friday
FYI... "Modestus comprehension questions" Buzz quiz deadline extended to Monday/Tuesday, 6am because everyone should have one more attempt after I graded the first attempts yesterday.