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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: read amor omnia vincit 1 and answer the comprehension questions on Buzz (one attempt)
Review amor omnia vincit I and do spot check on REPLICAS... do we know what the acronym stands for? do we know what each perfect active participle means?
For scaena secunda, get in groups of three, assign each person a number (1, 2, 3).
For the next five minutes, #1 looks at lines 1-5, #2 lines 6-10, #3 lines 11-16
When everyone is ready, each person "teaches" the group his/her part of the story... ask group members to translate and help them understand meaning... don't give the answer, help them arrive at the answer... be a teacher!
Review concept of genitive... possessive case... not just book, but Sarah's book (or book of Sarah)... that word "of"... but what about these:
"I want more of that cake" or "I've had too much of this candy"... that's not really possessive, is it? We have a name for this in Latin: genitive of quantity (show examples from stories and from ATL 2 page)
Now, what about how we've described Modestus: vir summae virtutis, or what about poor Latro: vir maximae diligentiae but vir minimae prudentiae... those "of"s aren't quite "possessive" in the same way as "Sarah's book"... again, we have a special name for this in Latin: genitive of description.
Objective #1: be able to identify which genitive (possessive, quantity, description) you see
Objective #2: be able to translate the phrases
Assess understanding with ATL 2: more about the genitive Buzz quiz

Do Now: Re-read amor omnia vincit II and assess your understanding with Buzz quiz over part II [one attempt]
when done, pre-read amor omnia vincit III - will Bulbus get his revenge???
Review what we read in scaena secunda... look at most missed on quiz (last two lines of story)... we'll read part 3 on Monday/Tuesday
With 30 minutes left in class, review for test:
(1) review of perfect active participles (REPLICAS) with part A of "sententias scribe!"
(2) then, review genitives with part B of same worksheet
If time (or perhaps at home), use "Practicing participles" worksheet... post key on Buzz if needed
(3) review Stage 21 test... learn from mistakes!

Practice the vocabulary included in the test story with this Gimkit.
You need to be able to:
1) Know what REPLICAS stands for and translate each of these perfect active participles
2) identify word as a present active participle (PANTS), perfect passive participle (PPP), or perfect active participle (REPLICAS) in a sentence AND translate accordingly
3) Identify a genitive word/phrase as possessive, quantity, or description