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SALVETE! Today's class is half-SYNCHRONOUS!
Read the culture section (pp. 82-87) of Stage 25 (see attached) and answer the questions on the Buzz quiz as you read.
(2) Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary of the Stage 25 Model Sentences.
(3) Watch this EdPuzzle video over the St. 25 Model Sentences and answer the questions.
(4) At 12:10pm, we will translate the story Strythio together and you will complete the "Strythio fill in the blank" on Classkick.

SALVETE! Today's class is SYNCHRONOUS!
 Take this Gimkit over the vocabulary of Modestus custos.
(2) We will read Modestus custos with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code vetukt).
​​​​​​​(3) Watch this tutorial on the About the language 1: indirect question, and take the "About the language 1: indirect question" Buzz quiz.
(4) Complete this Modestus perfuga Vocabulary Gimkit.
(5) Take the "Modestus perfuga I Comprehension Questions" Buzz quiz while reading Modestus perfuga I

Rodeo Break