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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: one attempt at the Practicing the language 2 Buzz quiz (review of participles)
Stage 23 in thermis 1: we need to think back to Stage 21... what is going on with Cogidubnus, Salvius, Memor, and Cephalus???
Translate first paragraph (lines 1-6)
Read the rest together:
1) What do they sacrifice? Why are they sacrificing something? Why is it a female, do you think?
2) Why is Memor described as tremebat in line 9?
3) Translate what he says in line 10 (iubeo . . . vides?)
4) What does the sacerdos see that makes his anxius? What question does he ask Memor in line 13?
5) How does Memor, clearly freaking out, respond to this? (lines 14-16)
6) Translate line 17 (haec . . . vertit).
7) Where do they go next and why?
I read in thermis II out loud in Latin with gestures/tone/etc. to preview what happens
With time left, revisit participles with another attempt at PTL 2

Do Now: "Practicing participles" AM worksheet (ID tense/voice of participle ONLY and translate ONLY the participle)... if you're not sure whether PAP or PPP, remember what we talked about in terms of it being accompanied by "a ___" ("by someone") or a direct object
Follow up with About the language 1: more about participles Buzz quiz
Review what is happening in in thermis II briefly with a dramatic narration of the story in Latin. Then, have students complete the "in thermis II: Caption It!" Buzz Quiz
Be sure to explain the concept... google image results... caption with Latin directly from the story... the trick is ONLY the relevant Latin (nothing more, nothing less)
Follow up with partner work on these questions for discussion:
Which part of the baths did Cogidubnus and his party enter first (lines 1–2)?
What did Quintus say when he entered (lines 2–5)? Why do you think he was so amazed?
What did the slaves begin to do? Why do you think this was difficult (lines 6–9)?
What did the king do when he got out of the bath (lines 10–11)?
Where did everyone then go (line 11)?
Go over these together. Go over a few more together if time:
Why was Cephalus trembling? Where was he? What was he doing (lines 12–13)?
What did Cephalus say to the king? Did he have a special reason for describing the water as amà„ra (lines 14–15)?
When Cephalus offered the cup, what did the king do (lines 16–17)?
What did Quintus do? What did he say about the cup? How did he know this (lines 18–21)?

Do Now: How does each of the following react when Quintus IDs the cup as poisonous: Cogidubnus, the spectators, Dumnorix, Cephalus
Complete Practicing the language 1 in class (in book) and then allow students to take Buzz Quiz
Take a look at your grade on the "Caption It" quiz - you have another attempt (due Monday/Tuesday 6am) if needed.