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School Holiday

SALVETE! Today's class will be (mostly) SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Complete the "PTL 1 (Participle Practice)" Buzz quiz. If you need more than one attempt, do that outside of class.
(2) Get familiar with the vocabulary of Modestus promotus 2 with this Gimkit.
(3) Demonstrate your understanding of Modestus promotus 2 with this Buzz quiz.
(4) We will read Modestus promotus 2 together.
(5) We will review subjunctive clauses with this Pear Deck. (joinpd.com with code: XTCKMV).
(6) Take this Stage 27 Review Buzz quiz (on your own).
Your Stage 27 test will consist of about 25 questions pertaining to a story (here is a Gimkit over the vocabulary of the story). 
Another 15 questions will assess your knowledge of:
(a) Identifying purpose, result, indirect command, indirect questions, and cum clauses
 - focus particularly on indirect commands (what are the command/order verbs?) and result clauses (what are the "so" words?)
(b) Forming the imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive.
(c) Translating sentences that include any of the subjunctive clauses.
(d) Identifying present active, perfect active, and perfect active participles
(e) Forming the participles.
(f) Translating the participles.