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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

School Holiday

Stage 24 Wrap-up for Ne/Kr
Do Now: take "More cum clause practice" to review cum clauses, pluperfect and imperfect subjunctive [2 attempts]
Open note test using Stage 24 Test on Buzz - you may wish to practice the vocabulary featured in the story with this Gimkit.

Stage 25 intro!
Do Now: read and complete Practicing the Language 3 on p. 81 (10 minutes) for a review of noun cases and verb endings
Then, use one attempt at the PTL 3 Buzz quiz
When all are done, review most missed and reteach as needed
Stage 25 "Devae" (model sentences): read through as a class with white board work... see if students can understand the indirect questions that are presented
"The legionary soldier" - read pp. 82-87 while taking the associated Buzz quiz.
When done, divide into 3 groups of 8 (or of 7, taking out the optio from the 1st legion)... with flashcards for 8 roles (look on p. 87): legatus, tribunus laticlavius, tribunus, 1st cohort centurio primi pili, 1st cohort centurio, 1st cohort optio, 2nd-10th cohort centurio, 2nd-10th cohort optio) and have groups race to see who can line up correctly first (multiple rounds)

Do Now: Fill in the blanks for Practicing the language 2 on p. 81, then take the Buzz quiz.
Review with most missed
"Choose the caption" AM worksheet to review "Devae" (and another initial glimpse of indirect questions)
Strythio - fill-in-the-blank worksheet