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SALVETE! Today's class will be SYNCHRONOUS!

We are starting Stage 28 today with ultio Romana.
(1) First, take this Gimkit to become familiar with the vocabulary of ultio Romana.
(2) Second, we will read ultio Romana and respond to the prompts in this Pear Deck presentation (joinpd.com with code VHBYRD).
(3) Complete this Gimkit on the vocabulary of testamentum.
(4) Review subjunctive verbs and clauses with the Practicing the language 1 Buzz quiz.

*Note: class is asynchronous today and the lesson plan is abbreviated because our in-person students will be arriving to class very late (around 11:45am or so) due to AZMerit testing.  
Complete this Gimkit (again) on the vocabulary of testamentum.
(2) You will read testamentum and fill out the "testamentum Cogidubni" worksheet on Classkick
(3) You will look again at Cogidubnus' will with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com and code: USGYDH).  Something fishy is going on...
(4) Play this Gimkit over the vocabulary in the story in aula Salvii.
(5) Complete the Buzz quiz over the story in aula Salvii.

SALVETE! Today's class will be ASYNCHRONOUS!
*Mr. Yaggy is absent today, and Ms. Krauth will be your substitute. If possible, Mr. Yaggy will be available online, so send questions via a private chat if needed. 
(1) Watch this Edpuzzle tutorial on a new use of the ablative case, the ablative of means, and answer the questions. [10 min]
(2) Assess your understanding with the About the language 1: more on the ablative case Buzz quiz. [10 min]
(3) Practice the concept with the attached "By, with, in, on" worksheet on Classkick[10-15 min]
(4) Using your understanding of what happened in in aula Salvii, predict what will happen in the next story with the attached worksheet.  Follow the directions and upload it here on Teams when you are done. [10-15 min.]