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NOTA BENE: The information on this page is subject to (and most certainly will) change. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their CJs.

Do Now: "Verb splash" AM worksheet (column A only)
review and reinforce with column B... white boards
Modestus custos... use PearDeck (Google Slides) version and have students respond with white boards.
Language concepts to reinforce while reading: participle translation and identification, cum = when, translation of pluperfect subjunctive
(We reached about line 28 and the spider landing on Modestus)

Do Now: Read through lines 26-37 of Modestus custos and answer the following:
1. Why is Modestus freaking out in lines 26-28?
2. Translate lines 29-30 (Strythio . . . accidisset)
3. Why does Modestus insist that he is pale? Read Strythio's response in line 33 - do you think Strythio believes him?
4. What does Modestus want Strythio to do, based on what he says in lines 34-36 - what other motive may Modestus have for asking this?
Complete Practicing the language 1 (p. 80) as a review of cum clauses and subjunctives in notes (10 min.) then take Buzz quiz (one attempt)
[note to self: next year, be sure to finish Modestus custos in previous period so we can start today's lesson with PTL 1]
Introduce concept of indirect questions with (1) Modestus . . . esset (lines 3-4), (2) Strythio . . . iaceret (lines 4-5), Strythio . . . clamaret (lines 24-25), and Strythio . . . accidisset (lines 29-30)
About the language I: indirect questions
Modestus perfuga I (translate with partner)
If time, practice for vocab quiz

STAGE 25 VOCABULARY QUIZ (no suavis and testis)
When done, "Direct and Indirect Questions" AM worksheet (review of indirect questions)
Read Modestus perfuga II and answer the comprehension questions Buzz quiz