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SALVETE! Today's class will be SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) First, we will revisit the ablative of means and the most missed items from yesterday with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: CKEFRC).
(2) Then, you will take the cena Salvii vocabulary Gimkit to prepare to read the story.
(3) Finally, we will read cena Salvii with this Pear Deck (joinpd.com with code: EAEFOY).
(4) Click on this EdPuzzle video to watch the tutorial on the Stage 28 About the language 2: expressions of time
(5) Assess your understanding with the ATL 2 expressions of time Buzz quiz

SALVETE! Today's class is mostly-SYNCHRONOUS!
(1) Start class by reading lines 1-18 of Belimicus rex and taking this Belimicus rex Buzz quiz. [20 minutes]
(2) Together, we will translate the rest of Belimicus rex (p. 129). [15 minutes]
After we read Belimicus rex, you have the rest of the period to work asynchronously to prepare for your test on Friday.  However, you must complete the following to assess your mastery, which will help you to prepare:
(1) Assess your understanding of impersonal verbs with the "About the language 3" Buzz quiz.
(2) Practice the ablative case with the "Practicing the Language 2 (ablative practice)" Buzz quiz.
In addition to all the previously assigned Buzz quizzes, which are now open for you to practice, here are a few additional Buzz quizzes that you can use to prepare (these are not for a grade)
- Ablative of Means Practice
-Expressions of Time Practice

Here is a Gimkit for you to practice the vocabulary of numbers and impersonal verbs.
Here is a Gimkit over the vocabulary of the story on the test.
Also optional: retake the "Expressions of Time" and "in aula Salvii" Buzz quizzes for a better grade.
The test will also require that you review subjunctive clauses, subjunctive tenses, and participles.
The test itself is 40 questions, about 20 questions assess your understanding of the story (7 of which are free response).